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With a wide choice of units and systems to suit all manner of air conditioning requirements, you can be sure that there is a Fujitsu air conditioner to suit the exact needs of your Lake Macquarie home.

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As an Australian you probably recognise the Fujitsu brand, because their air conditioners have been keeping Australians cool and comfortable for decades. But, if you’ve never bought an air conditioner for your own home or workspace before, you might be wondering why you should choose Fujitsu over any of the other AC brands available today.

And so the team here at Lake Macquarie & Hunter Air Conditioning have put together this handy little intro to show you exactly why Fujitsu is one of the top air conditioner brands in the country, and why investing in one is so worthwhile.

A Fujitsu Aircon is Affordable But Will Last Years

One of the top reasons that many Australians choose Fujitsu over any other AC brand is because they last an incredibly long time for a piece of equipment that operates almost 24/7 and is available at a very budget-friendly price. In fact, Fujitsu units last so long, are so reliable and are so affordable that Fujitsu is the preferred brand for a lot of governmental departments!

Maintenance is important in order to keep your AC always functioning at its best, but even with minimal maintenance, a Fujitsu air conditioner typically doesn’t have any performance issues. In fact, they’re so durable that they can quite easily last you more than 15 years!

And considering that they happen to have some of the most affordable per unit and installation costs in the market that is an amazing feature!



Setting the Standard in Air Conditioning

Considering the climate in Australia, an air conditioner is a necessary expenditure for most people. And statistics show that the majority of Australians have climate control systems installed in their homes and offices – almost as many as 5 million properties to be specific.

Of that number, about half are using a reverse cycle or heat pump AC system, meaning they have a single air conditioning unit that cools their home or office space in the summer and then keeps them warm during the cold winter months.

These aren’t the only types of air conditioners available, though. The Fujitsu range includes everything from air purifying systems and portable air cons to total climate solutions for small or large buildings.

No matter which one of the many Fujitsu products you opt for, you know one thing for sure. The goal of every Fujitsu product is to make sure that your property, be it residential or commercial, stays cool and comfortable and allows you full control of the temperature in your environment at all times,